Animation Toolset

Blender's animation feature set offers:

  • Character animation pose editor
  • Non Linear Animation (NLA) for independent movements
  • Forward/inverse kinematics for fast poses
  • Sound synchronization
  • Rigging

    Transforming a model into a posable character has never been easier!

    Blender offers an impressive set of rigging tools including:

    • Envelope, skeleton and automatic skinning
    • Easy weight painting
    • Mirror functionality
    • Bone layers and colored groups for organization
    • B-spline interpolated bones

    Constraints are a way to control an object’s properties (e.g. its location, rotation, scale), using either plain static values (like the “limit” ones), or another object, called “target” (like e.g. the “copy” ones).

    • You can control an object’s animation through the targets used by its constraints
      (this is a form of indirect animation). Indeed,
      these targets can then control the constraint’s owner’s properties, and hence,
      animating the targets will indirectly animate the owner.
    • You can animate constraints’ settings. e.g. the Influence or
      when using an armature’s bone as target,
      animate where along this bone (between root and tip) lays the real target point.

    Drivers are a way to control values of properties by means of a function, mathematical expression or small script.

    Effectively, drivers are composed by:

    • driver configuration that specifies input values from properties and
      combines them with a mathematical expression or Python script.
    • An animation F-Curve
      that maps the output of the driver configuration to the value to apply
      to the driven property.



      Several issues have been fixed since v5.1.23 and several useful new features have been added. Stk files can now be dragged onto the canvas from Windows Explorer, figure operations can be performed in multiple frames at once to save time, there's an improved text font selector, there's an option to make the main canvas follow the transparent builder canvas as you pan and zoom to keep objects aligned, and figure dragging smoothness has been improved. See the full list of changes in the ReadMe file.


    Several issues have been fixed since v5.1.17 and a few useful new features have been added. It's now much quicker to add polygons with many connections using the Ctrl key, the green inbetweening sliders are easier to use and figures can be saved in Pivot 4 format. See the full list of changes in the ReadMe file.

  • Synfig 

  • Synfig Studio adalah perangkat lunak animasi 2D berbasis vektor gratis dan open-source. Itu dibuat oleh Robert Quattlebaum dengan kontribusi tambahan oleh Adrian Bentley.

Studio anime terbaik
  1. A-1 Pictures. Studio pertama yang masuk ke dalam daftar ini adalah A-1 Pictures.
  2. Kyoto Animation. Kyoto Animation adalah studio anime terbaik dengan banyak sekali anime populer hasil produksinya.
  3. Madhouse
  4. MAPPA Studio.Sunrise

Featured Products

Aurora 3D Text Logo Maker

Create the Highest Quality 3D Text and Graphics. Quickly and efficiently design 3D Text Effects, Logo and Icons for the Web and your Movies.
Don’t even need to be proficient over the layout or 3D Design basics! Full compatibility with Photoshop, Illustrator, iMovie, Final Cut, Premiere and so on. Unicode support: Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters. For: Mac OS and Windows.
Aurora3DMaker available on Mac App Store.

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Aurora 3D Animation Maker

Easy 3D Animation Software, make 3D Movie Title and Intro Animation in Minutes. Flexible Key-frame Animation for 3D Logo and Text. Export to Video, GIF or Image Sequences and import it into Video Edit Software. Full Compatibility with Photoshop, llustrator, iMovie, Final Cut, Premiere and so on. Unicode Support: Latin, Arabic, Japanese and Korean characters.For Mac and Windows.
Aurora3DAnimation available on Mac App Store.

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Aurora 3D Presentation

Allow your creative imagination to easily compose stunning 3D Interactive and Multimedia Programs! Design Business, Touch Screen Interactive Presentations, 3D Model Show, 3D Animation and Multimedia.
It uses powerful & highly effective techniques to enable you develop impressive, professional, and export to .exe, .app or Video. Then distribute it Free for Mac or Windows.

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Barcode Generator

Do you want or need to transfer information quickly and accurately like many commercial business enterprises? Then join the ever increasing number of people who use Bar codes and 2D codes to transfer their information through their mobile networks. Barcode Generator lets you easily generate more than 32 different 2d-codes to meet all your personal and business needs. For Mac and Windows.
iBarcodeGenerator available on Mac App Store.

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AnimatorDV. Jika kamu ingin membuat sebuah video stop motion, AnimationDV adalah aplikasi animasi video yang tepat untuk digunakan. Fitur-fitur di dalamnya sangat mendukung pembuatan video stop motion yang cukup powerfull.

Stykz 1.0

Mac Interface

Completely Free - No Strings Attached
Stykz is freeware, meaning it's completely free to download and use to create animations that you can show off to others or import into other applications. No hidden costs, license or permission are required to use Stykz to its fullest.

Multi-Platform Animating
Stykz is the first multi-platform stick figure animation program in the world (as far as we know), so you'll be able to use Mac OS X and Windows to create, edit and preview your animations.

Pivot Compatible
If you've ever used Pivot StickFigure Animator, you'll feel right at home working with Stykz. It was designed to be a superset of Pivot's feature set, so we know you'll appreciate the similarities to Pivot as well as the extra features that Stykz has to offer!
Stykz also imports Pivot 2 and Pivot 3 Beta .stk files, so you can use your existing .stk files you created, or download one from web sites like or
For more information about how Stykz compares with Pivot, check out the comparison page.

Customize Each Frame
Stykz is frame-based, letting you work on individual frames of your animation to make it just right. Onionskins let you see what was in the previous frame so you can make adjustments to your current frame easily.

Pencil2D is an open source project, developed 100% by volunteers. Pencil2D is an animation/drawing software for macOS, Windows, and Linux. It lets you create traditional hand-drawn animation (cartoon) using both bitmap and vector graphics. Pencil2D is free and open source.
TupiTube adalah perangkat lunak animasi 2D sumber terbuka dan gratis untuk seniman amatir, anak-anak, dan remaja. Ini tersedia untuk Windows, Mac OS X, sistem operasi mirip Unix, dan Android. Proyek ini dikembangkan dan dikelola oleh startup Kolombia, MaeFloresta.




Diterjemahkan dari bahasa Inggris-Daz Productions, Inc. adalah perusahaan konten 3D dan perangkat lunak yang mengkhususkan diri dalam menyediakan model manusia 3D yang dicurangi, konten aksesori terkait, dan perangkat lunak untuk penghobi serta pasar prosumer.


Perangkat lunak


Diterjemahkan dari bahasa Inggris-Moho adalah aplikasi animasi 2D berbasis vektor yang didistribusikan oleh Lost Marble LLC. Ini memiliki dua paket berbeda: Moho Pro dan Moho Debut, mirip dengan versi pro tetapi dengan fitur yang dibatasi.


What is Maya?

Maya is professional 3D software for creating realistic characters and blockbuster-worthy effects.

  • Bring believable characters to life with engaging animation tools.

  • Shape 3D objects and scenes with intuitive modeling tools.

  • Create realistic effects—from explosions to cloth simulation


Perangkat lunak


Diterjemahkan dari bahasa Inggris-Terragen adalah program pembuat pemandangan untuk Microsoft Windows dan Mac OS X yang dikembangkan dan diterbitkan oleh Planetside Software. Ini dapat digunakan untuk membuat rendering dan animasi lanskap. 


Perangkat lunak


Diterjemahkan dari bahasa Inggris-Seamless3d adalah perangkat lunak pemodelan 3D sumber terbuka yang tersedia di bawah lisensi MIT. Model untuk dunia virtual reality Techuelife Island dibuat menggunakan teknologi Seamless3d.


Tidak perlu khawatir dengan biaya berlangganannya. OpenToonz merupakan software animasi 2D yang gratis, bisa dinikmati semua animator tanpa harus membayar. Entah itu untuk keperluan pribadi maupun komersial. OpenToonz telah dipakai beberapa studio animasi besar.

Apa itu Toonboom Harmony?
Toon Boom Harmony adalah program perangkat lunak animasi produksi terkemuka dari Toon Boom Animation dan dibuat untuk para profesional animasi.

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